The journey towards creating impact at scale

Scaling Readiness is a pivotal development stage where you develop and pilot a scalable version of your solution and prepare your organization on an operational level to become ready to create impact at scale.

With 10 years of experience supporting early-stage entrepreneurs, Reach for Change has the ambition to support more experienced social entrepreneurs and to guide them through the Scaling Readiness phase. We look forward to making this happen and to provide those who have completed the Proof of Concept stage with toolkits for this next development stage. Stay tuned! 

Are you in the beginning of your scaling journey and searching for some guidance and tools?

Check out our tools on setting the foundation for impact at scale.


What does Scaling Readiness mean?

Actions that increase the scalability of your solution takes place. The blueprint for how your impact scaling strategy should be implemented is developed, including the financial model, operational plan, and pilot plan. The systems and processes to manage scale are being put in place. The leadership and team are equipped with the skills and competencies necessary to realize the impact scaling strategy and to build the necessary organisational reputation, partnerships, and external stakeholder buy-in.